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About Us

What is a Cash ISA?

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. ISAs allow you to save money without the interest being taxed. You are limited to how much you can save per year – the current allowance you can save tax free is £20,000 for tax year 6th April 2019 – 5th April 2020.

What kinds of Cash ISAs are there?

There are many types of ISA available on the market:

Fixed, Regular Saver, Easy Access, Notice and the new Help To Buy ISA for 1st time house buyers and so on.

  • Fixed – your money is tied for the duration of the ISA and cannot be withdrawn early.
  • Regular Saver – you are required to make monthly deposits into the ISA account.
  • Easy Access – you can withdraw your funds at any time but it may take a few days.
  • Notice – you can access your funds after giving an agreed amount of notice to the provider.
  • Help To Buy – for first time buyers. The Government boost your savings by adding 25% of the amount you save.

Who can open a Cash Isa?

Cash ISAs are available to UK residents over 16yrs old.

Junior ISAs are available for children under 18yrs.

Our Mission

It is simple, ABC:

  • Accuracy – Interest rates are checked multiple times every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Brevity – Only 10 results in each category.
  • Clarity – We let people go direct to each product provider.

What do we do?

Top ISA Rates has been set up to separate the signal from the noise in the world of ISAs. With so many choices available, we have tried to make comparing the options as clear and simple as possible.

Financial Advice

We are not Financial Advisers nor do we provide any financial advice. This is our opinion only and if you need financial advice we recommend going directly to the Financial Conduct Authority website to begin your search to find yourself the right Adviser.

Here is the link to their site here. Be advised that financial Advisers will charge you, typically between £100 and £300 per hour depending on your area, their expertise etc.

How do we rank the products?

The lists you see on our site are ranked purely by the interest rates available. Comparing ISAs like for like is incredibly difficult as there are so many variables. We recommend reading the details of each individual product before making your decision. The lists are designed to give you the easiest comparison possible.

Are we invested in any of the products we display?

Yes. Some of them we have as individuals invested in. It was how the site was first born, from the frustration of having a confused market place with very little clarity. Our own research is now available for you to see.

How do we make money?

Your data is never sold, rented or given out. We respect your privacy and if you choose to transact with the sponsor of the email that is your prerogative as the customer.